Pachaimalai, (Tamil : பச்சைமலை) also known as the Pachais, are hills which are part of Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu in Trichy district. Located near 11.18°N 78.35°E. Pachai in Tamil means green. They are much greener than some of the other hills in the vicinity. VeeraRamar Dam is located in these hills on Kallar.

Rivers include Kallar and Sweata Nadi. Waterfalls include Mangalam Aruvi, Koraiyar Falls and Mayil Uthu Falls. There are also indigenous tribes, such as the Malayalis, who trade some of their surplus hill produce to the towns below on the plains, trading for items not available in the hills. Jackfruit is one a popular seasonal agriculture produce from this area.


One should get permission for trekking in these hills from the


District Forest Officer
Tiruchy Division
3E, Kajamian 1 st Street
Kaja Nagar
Mannarpuram. Tiruchy20
Phone : 91-431-2422165


For further details
Science and Adventure Club, Tiruchy-1.Thiru Ramanan
Hill Skills- Trekking, Wild Life and Environment Club. Phone No : 0431-2457284

Essential informations about Trekking


Trekking :


Long Hard expedition of any terrain with definite purpose.


Advantage & Purpose


World's full-fledged health oriented sport with field study,research,soil systems,future disasters,poachers activities,ecological values, food chain&webs,survival & surveying of living beings, happenings,recreation along with 'Physical and Psychological strength for sound body and sound mind.


Field Kit


Trek sack / knap sack(For one day) / camouflaged dull coloured Jeans-salvar kamees / T-cap/shoes(with good grip) / socks 2 pairs/wind jacket / Bermuda/Belt pouch/pocket diary/pencil/Identity Card/whistle / pocket knife/mug/plate/water bottle(2)/toilet kit/towel/air pillow / sleeping bag or ground sheet &blanket / torchlight/candle & match box/compass / Essential medicines / Pill case/Massage cream / Sewing Kit / Binocular / Camera kit / First aid kit / Area map / Map reader / Permission letter / Packed food/Fruit juices / Glucose / Sugar / Salt / Chocolate.




Know the areas, season, people culture and climatic conditions and obtain permission letter from forest department and engage local 2 or more guides with good experience to lead and pack the trek.




Kindly bring back all the wastes which are not decomposable by earth & wild life. Bury all decomposable garbage. Bring back tin, bottles, and plastic things etc., to the plains. Put off fire in case if you ignited it in case of emergency.


Precautions & safety


Avoid using perfumes / Don't' carry sound making devices / Trekking pack restricted to 9+3 guides / camping tenting sites should be laid on bare land / Avoid camp fire & smoking / Trees are to be treated as you / Ensure the camp site environmentally clean before you leave / If you see any fire put off / while trekking, do 'cat' walk/ If you sight any animal send message by face, hand body or leg sign or murmur / flowers meant for plant propagation & insects food / Don't pluck flowers / Don't collect flora or fauna (dead or live) from hills, its service required for earth / have sense of animal behaviour: Elephant chasing-run towards slope / Use dry clothings to keep your warmth / Always keep quarter bottle of water spare for the use of emergency dehydration / Avoid attracting animals by throwing eatables / Some times trekking will discouraging, punishing frustrating, exhilarating still worth while to have for our future



Carry native seeds, saplings, rootings etc to plant in open hills. Carry excess salt and used dresses to give it to tribals if you sight them.



Take notes and take photographs of peculiar things for memory, environment education for official to make decision etc.



After trekking draft your experiences and findings along with thanks letter to the concerned officials usually forest and tourism officials



Trekkers must follow safety standards, environmental codes and accept the nature’s strict and impersonal rules.


Mr. Namperajan. A.S
'Hill Skills- Trekking, Wild Life and
Environment Club"
No 21, Kauvery Street
Ayyappa Nagar, Tiruchirappalli - 620 021.
Te l: 0431-2457284
Cell : 98940 99510
Further details contact Tel.2254175





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